Pre-enrolment period

The pre-enrolment period is when you are an applicant, starting when you apply to study with us until September when you come onto campus to enrol and become a student.

During the pre-enrolment period, you need to:

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Attend applicant event

Applicant events at the University Centre South Devon have been tailored specifically for the course you have applied for. We know that you will have a lot of questions to ask, so an applicant event will give you the opportunity to:

  • find out about your chosen course in more detail
  • speak with academic staff who will guide you in your learning
  • chat to current students about their experiences at university
  • meet other applicants who are considering studying at UCSD

As well as looking at your course in more depth, and providing you the opportunity to speak with teaching staff, the event will also be supported by the chance to find out more about:

  • finance and funding, including details of your bursary
  • learning and disability support

Dates for applicant events in 2023

Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 17th May

Wednesday 5th July



Respond to our offer letter sent via email

Once our Admissions Team has assessed your application, you may receive an offer from us. This means that we have accepted you onto your chosen course. The offers that we make can be conditional or unconditional.

Conditional offers

Your acceptance onto your chosen course is subject to you meeting the entry requirements of your offer. This usually means that you have recently sat an exam for a qualification and are awaiting the results of this (EG GCSE’s, A Levels etc). To have your place on your chosen course confirmed, you must meet the conditions of your offer.

Unconditional offers

This means you have already met the entry requirements. You will need to check your offer letter carefully as you may already have the required qualifications, but you may still need certain checks to allow you to join the course (a common example is a DBS check). Your offer will clearly state what is required.

The Offer Letter will be sent to the email address that you listed on your application. It is very important that the Offer Letter is read in full as it contains our student contract, all of our policies and procedures, programme handbooks, confirmation of fees and outlines the next steps.

Student number

You offer letter will include your student number, you will need this, so please make a note of it!

Apply for student finance (unless an apprentice)

Student Finance England (SFE) is a service provided by the Student Loans Company. They provide financial support on behalf of the UK Government to students from England entering higher education in the UK.

To find out what you are entitled to, read our interactive quick start guide

Applications to  Student Finance are available online

Apply now via this link

Tuition Fee Loan, this covers your University fees and is paid directly to the University Centre.

Maintenance Loan, this helps to support with your living expenses, the amount that you can borrow is means tested based on your household income and where you are going to be living during the academic year.


You do not make any repayments until you earn over £25,000

You pay 9% on anything earned over this amount

On a salary of £27,000 you would pay £15 per calendar month

After 40 years the debt is written off

Complete sign up paperwork with Apprenticeship Recruitment Coordinator

During a signup meeting the Apprenticeship Recruitment Coordinator (ARC) will meet with you and your employer.

You will complete the following:

  • Enrolment Document
  • Checking of English and Maths (BKSB’s discussed if needed)
  • Discussion around any additional support needs
  • Employer Details
  • Skill Scan
  • Signing of contracts

Declare any disabilities and apply for disabled student stupport

Please let us know by emailing  HE [email protected] if you have a physical, sensory, learning or mental health difficulty or disability as you may be be eligible for additional support.

You may not think of yourself as disabled, but when studying in higher education, your condition is likely to be considered a disability and may be eligible for additional support. But do not worry, we have extensive experience in supporting disabled students, and we can help you access this support to enable you to reach your full potential.

Eligible conditions include a sensory or mobility impairment, an ongoing long-term/progressive medical condition such as epilepsy or chronic fatigue syndrome; a mental-health condition such as depression, anxiety or borderline personality disorder; Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), or a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia. If you are not sure you have a learning difficulty, you can use this guide to help.

For more information please visit Disability Support – University Centre South Devon (

Enquire about student accommodation

The accommodation is close to Paignton Town Centre and the beach with easy access to South Devon College.

Our rooms are fully furnished and the utility bills and broadband are included in the rent.

Room rates range from £460 to 520 per calendar month.

For further information please visit Accommodation – University Centre South Devon (

Read the Stepping Up to Higher Education Guides

The online guides introduce new concepts and provide advice and guidance to help you make the transition to university level study.  

As you will discover, university studies are quite different from school, college or work, but with help from your lecturers, personal tutor and the Student Support Hub you will quickly adapt and learn how to study effectively and independently. 

Starting in Higher Education  

Explores some of the different types of scheduled learning you can expect from studying at university level and how it may differ from your previous experiences. 

Independent learning in Higher Education 

Becoming a successful independent learner is essential if you want to enjoy the university experience and achieve your best performance. This means taking responsibility for your own learning, your motivation to learn, managing your time and reflecting on your progress. 

Skills for Higher Education 

Advice on first assessments, how to use referencing to credit others for their ideas, and guidance on how to find your voice within your university studies. 

Digital literacy at UCSD 

This details the software, with which you will need to be proficient. 

Employability and skills for HE 

Explores the importance of thinking about employability from the start of your studies at UCSD, including the support available to you. 

Joining us at level 5 or 6

If you are joining us directly from another higher education provider or after a break in your studies, please take a look at look at this guide to teaching, learning, and assessment at UCSD.


If you need any assistance working though the Stepping up to Higher Education guides, please email: [email protected]

Attend the Stepping Up to Higher Education workshops


The stepping up to higher Education workshops are designed to support your transition into higher education, providing you with the opportunity to plan, prepare and practice the skills you will need at UCSD.

There are four workshops available in July and September

Managing your studiesPlanning and organising your study time alongside family, work and friends 

Understanding the AssessmentsUnderstanding the different types of assignments, and ideas/tips to support you in completing them 

Reading EffectivelyLearning different techniques to support you in retaining the information you read 

Academic writingLooking at structure, style, and some dos and don’ts of academic writing! Touching on critical thinking and referencing 


Book your space here 

Download SDConnect app

Please download the SDConnect app.

As an applicant, the SDConnect app enables you to stay informed about what is happening here at UCSD, we will post regular study skills advice and top tips to help you prepare for studying in higher education.

Then after you have enrolled you will be able to:

  • Report an absence
  • Access timetables on the go
  • Communicate with your peers, lecturers and personal tutor
  • Share ideas and collaborate
  • Receive real time updates
  • Find out about the latest offers and events happening across campus

The app can be downloaded for FREE to your device via The App Store and Google Play Store.

There is also a desktop version available via this link.

Follow UCSD on Facebook and Twitter

So that you do not miss out on upcoming events, learner tips and student finance updates, add us on social media!

Facebook: /UCSouthdevon

Twitter: @UCSouthdevon

Receive an invitation to attend campus to enrol

We are excited to welcome applicants to the University Centre to enrol or re-enrol on a programme with us for the academic year of 2023/24!

We will contact you by email over the summer, using the email listed on your application form, to notify you of when you can come to the University Centre and enrol, if you are unable to attend please let us know by emailing [email protected]

After you have completed the enrolment with us you will be a fully-fledged student!

Enrolment days are Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September 2023.

Exact times will be confirmed in your enrolment invitation.

View your provisional timetable

The teaching across the majority of our courses take place face-to-face, and students are expected to attend sessions in person.

Select your course to see what days you will receive teaching.

BA Childhood and Youth Studies

BA Leadership and Management


BSc Applied Animal Science

BSc Civil Engineering

BSc Coaching and Sport

BSc Enhanced Integrated Care

BSc Hons Social and Therapeutic Intervention


FdA Business-and-Management Y1

FdA Business-and-Management Y2


FdA Contemporary Arts Practice Y1   

FdA Contemporary Arts Practice Y2


FdA CYPF Y1 Provisional Timetable

FdA CYPF Y2 Provisional Timetable


FdA Education and Childhood Y1

FdA Education and Childhood Y2


FdA Film and Photography Y2


FdA Games and Interactive Design Y1

FdA Games and Interactive Design Y2


FdA Illustration with Graphics and Design Y2 


FdSc Animal Science Y1

FdSc Animal Science Y2


FdSc Computing Y1

FdSc Computing Y2


FdSc Engineering  – Design and Development

FdSc Engineering  – Electrical and Electronic

FdSc Engineering  – Manufacturing

HNC Engineering – Electrical and Electronic

HNC Engineering – Manufacturing


FdSc Marine Tech Y1

FdSc Marine Tech Y2


FdSc Nursing Associate Y1

FdSc Nursing Associate Y2


FdSc Psychology and Counselling Skills Y1

FdSc Psychology and Counselling Skills Y2


FdSc Psychology and Criminology Y1

FdSc Psychology and Criminology Y2


FdSc Sports Coaching and Fitness Y1

FdSc Sports Coaching and Fitness Y2


FdA Youth Justice Y1

Times and rooms will also be available on the SDConnect app 24 hours after you have completed the online enrolment.