Honorary Fellowship

South Devon College confers Honorary Fellowships upon people in recognition of their significant commitment to the College and the wider community, and is the highest honour that the College can bestow. Honorary Fellowships are normally conferred at the College’s Annual HE Awards Ceremony in September.

The College’s Board of Governors has agreed that nominations for Honorary Fellowships are open to persons from the local or the wider community and to any previous member of the College’s staff or Board of Governors, regardless of their academic qualifications, and subject to those persons meeting eligibility criteria which have been determined by the Board.

Nominees may be eligible in respect of the following criteria:

  1. A significant contribution to, and/or a strong connection with the vision and mission of South Devon College.
  2. A significant achievement contributing to the character and strength of South Devon and beyond.
  3. Achievement which makes the person or organisation an inspiring role model.
  4. A major contribution to charitable or voluntary activity.
  5. Notable distinction in an area which is related to one or more of the College’s corporate values: aspiration, inclusion, innovation, support, progress.
  6. Timeliness – an award being made at a time that is particularly appropriate for the recipient or the College.

Recommendations of this Committee are made directly to the Board of Governors for approval.

Honorary Awards Process

  1. Staff, students and governors will be invited to submit nominations for the award of an Honorary Fellowship during the Spring Term using the nomination form below.
  2. Any member of staff, or a student or governor considering making a nomination for the award of an Honorary Fellowship is encouraged to have an informal, confidential conversation with the Head of Higher Education to discuss the nomination process and to ensure that a nominee meets the criteria for the College’s highest honour.
  3. Completed Nomination Forms should be submitted to the Head of Governance by 11th March 2024 and considered by the Principalship Team during March before submission to the Honorary Awards Committee for discussion in due course.
  4. Further research may be carried out on the background of any person nominated for an Honorary Award to ensure they meet the criteria for the College’s highest honour.
  5. The Honorary Awards Committee will have regard for the promotion of equality and diversity in the conduct of its business and, before making any recommendations to the Governing Body, will consider the quality and number of nominations made.
  6. The Honorary Awards Committee will make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  7. The Chair of Governors will write to any successful nominee and invite them to accept the award of an Honorary Fellowship.
  8. Nominations must remain strictly confidential until it is known that an intended recipient is willing to accept the Award.
  9. The Head of Governance will notify the proposers of any unsuccessful nominations in confidence.

Nomination Form available here


Honorary Awards represent a public association between the College and the recipient. The College therefore reserves the right to withdraw an Honorary Award in the event that an Honorary Fellow, through behaviour or actions which become known to the Governing Body subsequent to her or his award, brings the College into disrepute.

Proposals for revoking an Honorary Award should be made to the Honorary Awards Committee with supporting documentary evidence. The Honorary Awards Committee will determine whether the risk to the reputation of the College is greater in maintaining the award than revoking it.

The Honorary Awards Committee will make a recommendation on such matters to the Governing Body for approval.

This Honorary Awards Process was reviewed and approved by the Governing Body on 10 December 2020.