Stepping Up to Higher Education

Welcome to the Stepping Up to Higher Education (HE) Programme

Between now and the end of October there is a lot for you to do to get ready to be a student at UCSD. To help you in this process we have broken down the things you need to do into the three periods; pre-enrolment, enrolment and induction. 


Pre-enrolment is from when you apply to study with us until the point you come to campus and enrol. It is a time to apply for student finance, declare disabilities, meet your teaching team, and start preparing and developing the skills you need to transition into studying in higher education. 


Enrolment happens on campus at the University Centre. This year it will be on the 5th and 6th of September 2023. This is when you will have your photograph taken, receive your student ID, access your student computing account, and start your mandatory training. 

Induction period

Induction period is when you meet the other learners on your course, teaching begins, and you finish your mandatory training. This year it starts the week commencing the 18th of September 2023.

Learning disabilities or difficulties support

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, our HE Disability Team can help you access additional study support to enable you to reach your full potential at UCSD.  

For more information on learning difficulties and the support available please click here.

Progression and employability opportunities

If you would like support with careers and employability visit Employability and Next Steps or contact [email protected] to book a one-to-one session.

Contact details

UCSD Faculty Office: [email protected] 

Study Skills Team: [email protected] 

Wellbeing Team: [email protected] 

Disability Team: [email protected] 

Progression and Employability: [email protected]