Why Study with Us

Our students’ opinions and feedback defines everything that we do. This is why our university provision focuses on 5 key principles, which our students have identified as most important to them.

There are countless reasons to study with us, but we think that these are what make us a unique Higher Education institution and the best place for you to study towards your degree.

1. Location

We offer a platform to achieve your goals here in the South West. Our curriculum is developed with employers to ensure that you develop graduate skills that the local employment market requires. You’ll not only save money by staying closer to home, but play your part in ensuring the prosperity of South Devon, and beyond.

2. Support

A key feature of our university programmes is the exceptional support we provide for students. We are passionate about providing dedicated and bespoke support services to help you make the most of your time here and to maximise your potential. We have an experienced team who offer a range of services, and regular 1:1 contact time with your personal tutor guarantees your professional and personal development.

3. Accessibility

We hold the principles of equality and opportunity for all in the highest regard. That’s why our degrees are designed to be accessible for anyone, regardless of your personal circumstances. We endeavour to make reasonable adjustments and remove any barriers to your learning. We also offer more flexible timetables than other institutions to minimise the impact studying has on your personal life and responsibilities.

4. Community

The success and well-being of every student is important to us. When you study with South Devon College, you’ll be part of our community which is built upon a supportive culture of excellence. Because our programmes are delivered in partnership with the University of Plymouth, you’ll also be a member of their student body, in addition to being embedded within local businesses and communities as part of your programme of study.

5. Excellence

When you put all of this together, it results in an excellent learning environment that gives you every opportunity to excel. The numbers and statistics are evidence of this; we pride ourselves in consistently ranking above the national Higher Education benchmark in the National Student Survey. We work with you, and by sharing our passion for success and excellence we can help you achieve your goals.