Student Experience

Our students’ opinions and feedback define everything that we do. This is why our university provision focuses on five key principles, which our students have identified as most important to them.

There are countless reasons to study with us, but we think that these five make us a unique higher education provider and the best place for you to study your degree.

By studying with us, you won’t just be a number at the top of an exam paper. You will belong to the UCSD community – one that drives excellence in everything that it does.

Here at UCSD, we take great pride in providing an environment that will inspire you to further your career goals and aspirations, and give you every opportunity to achieve the highest levels of success in your chosen field.

We provide tailored support, with employer-focused curriculums delivered by industry experts, giving you all the tools to succeed.

Underlying this is a culture of challenge and excellence, which spreads throughout UCSD, from the tutors and staff members to your peers, whose support will be invaluable. Your learning won’t be limited to the four walls of a classroom; each day will be an opportunity to grow, not just academically and professionally, but personally too.

During your time at UCSD, you may also be a part of the wider community of South Devon, developing valuable links with local employers. Businesses play an integral part in the design of our degree programmes, by identifying the skills our graduates need to succeed in the workplace and make the biggest possible impact on the local economy. So, when you graduate from UCSD, you can enter the job market knowing your skills are in demand.

Whilst studying, you could have the opportunity to work on a project for a local business, get inspiration from an industry expert, or learn the skills needed to make a real difference for a company when you graduate.

Whatever your level of involvement and wherever your passion lies, studying at UCSD means you will have a positive effect on the local community, and ensure its future prosperity.

Student voice

We listen to you – the student – and place great importance on your experience at UCSD.

We give you the opportunity to voice your opinions and feedback so that you can contribute to the ongoing development of our courses and, in particular, your programme of study. The student voice is incredibly valuable, forming part of a community that promotes excellence, challenges conventional thinking and offers innovative new ideas and approaches. We encourage you to get involved in our student body, and provide a range of activities so you can have your say. In addition to the social aspect of the UCSD community, you will also have the opportunity to join the University Student Committee as an elected course representative. Course representatives meet throughout the academic year to discuss important issues and share good practice. This can help you develop professionally and enable you to pass your views to the teaching team and management so we can continue to develop