Student Life

Why Study with Us

There are 5 key principles as identified by our students which are most important to them: location; support; accessibility; community and excellence. Click on the ‘Why Study with Us’ link to find out more. 

Student Experience

As a UCSD student, you get to be involved in the UCSD and wider community, including that of South Devon, developing links with local employers. Here at UCSD, we take pride in providing an environment that will inspire you to further your career goals and aspirations and give you every opportunity to achieve the highest levels of success in your chosen field. The student voice is of great importance at UCSD, and this contributes to the ongoing development of our courses and, in particular, your programme of study. 

Essential Information

There is a huge variety of essential information available to anyone who has an interest in Higher Education at UCSD. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Information about quality and standards
  • Consumer rights information
  • Access and participation
  • Personal information and data protection
  • Academic regulations
  • Student voice
  • Partnerships
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Council tax
  • Electoral information
  • Library
  • Complaints
  • Student services
  • Student handbook
  • Fees, funding and bursaries
  • Term dates
  • Student transfers

Funding, Finance and Bursaries

As a student at UCSD, you may qualify for a range of financial support options to help you with your studies. Information within this section includes applying for a student loan to help pay tuition fees and living expenses and cash bursaries.


An accommodation offer at UCSD consists of house shares within the local area to the University Centre, at costs between £400-450 per month inclusive of bills and fully furnished. Our accommodation offer provides a brilliant opportunity to move closer to the University Centre, or to gain that freedom and student lifestyle.


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) consists of over 25,000 books alongside journals and online materials. It is home to over 80 bookable PCs and 20 bookable student laptops. There is also a silent study room and a meeting/presentation room as well as further study areas in the University Centre itself, meaning you can find a comfortable environment that suits your needs and styles of learning.

There are helpful guides and resources with information on accessing resources and the library, as well as friendly staff members for further guidance. 

Student Support Hub

The Student Support Hub is a student’s first port of call for academic, study, wellbeing, disability, fees/funding, employability and progression support. For any advice needed, this is the place to visit, with expert members of staff ready to provide you with the information you need. 

Students with Disabilities

The dedicated HE Support and Wellbeing team can help you access the support you need to allow you to reach your full potential. The team do their best to provide appropriate support for students with a disability and have put in place a number of changes to procedures and to the campus to make the courses more accessible.