Stepping Up to Higher Education Guides

The online guides introduce new concepts and provide advice and guidance to help you make the transition to university level study. Whereas, the workshops enable you to apply and practice the skills you need to be a UCSD student and successful professional. 

As you will discover, university studies are quite different from school, college or work, but with help from your lecturers, personal tutor and the Student Support Hub you will quickly adapt and learn how to study effectively and independently. 

Each guide introduces new concepts and provides practical advice to help you get the most out of your time at UCSD.  


Let’s get started on what studying at university really means.

Starting in Higher Education

Explores some of the different types of scheduled learning you can expect from studying at university and how it may differ from your previous experiences. 

Independent learning in HE 

Becoming a successful independent learner is essential if you want to enjoy the university experience and achieve your best performance at university. This means taking responsibility for your own learning, your motivation to learn, managing your time and reflecting on your progress. 

Skills for Higher Education 

Advice on first assessments, how to use referencing to credit others for their ideas,  and guidance on how to find your voice at university. 

Digital literacy at UCSD 

The software you will need to be proficient. 

Employability and skills for HE 

Explores the importance of thinking about employability from the start of your studies at UCSD, including the support available to you. 

Joining UCSD at Level 5 or 6

If you are joining us directly from another higher education provider or after a break in your studies, please take a look at look at this guide to teaching, learning and assessment at UCSD.


If you need any assistance working though the Stepping up to Higher Education guides, please email: [email protected].


Additional support

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, our HE Disability Team can help you access additional study support to enable you to reach your full potential at UCSD.

For more information on learning difficulties and the support available please click here.

If you would like support with careers and employability visit Employability and Next steps or contact [email protected] to book a one-to-one session.

For all Wellbeing support please email [email protected].

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