Update on coronavirus (COVID-19)

The purpose of this information is to provide our students with information relating to coronavirus and the impact on your higher education programme.

Below you will find links to an FAQ page, previous updates and information on the introduction of a ‘safety net’.

We continue to update this page in line with government and sector guidance, but in the meantime it is important that you continue to check your student emails for further communications from us. You should raise any questions in the first instance with your personal tutor.

Current update: 02 April 2020

Along with partner Higher Education Institutions, we have been working to ensure you are not disadvantaged as a result of the pandemic. We therefore hope that the below measures will offer clarification and reassurance.

Introducing a ‘safety net’ (no detriment)

We are committed to ensuring that all students maintain continuity of their studies and will be awarded their qualifications in the expected time period. Our priority at this time of huge uncertainty is to help students to progress to the next year of study, or to complete their programme and graduate.

We know how important your studies are to you, and how anxious you are at the risk of being disadvantaged through the effects of COVID-19 and the move to online teaching and learning, and alternative assessments.

We are introducing a ‘safety net’ (also sometimes referred to in terms of ‘no detriment’) that will ensure that no student will be adversely affected by the changes we have had to make in this academic year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

This is your guarantee that in calculating your aggregate mark for the year, we will use marks that are the same as, or higher than, the average that you have attained to date during this academic year. You have all undertaken many assessments thus far, which gives us a measure of attainment that we can use as the ‘safety net’. Average marks for this year can still be raised by undertaking the assessments still to be submitted, but you will have the ‘safety net’ that they will go no lower.

It is essential that you continue your studies and submit your assessments and any assignments that we will set for Semester 2.

Given the complexity of the range of programmes and assessment requirements there is still work to do on the precise details, and this will include consideration of standards set by professional bodies. We will communicate these details as soon as possible and will continue to update through our Safety Net FAQs.

Please wait for this further communication and do not seek information about the ‘safety net’ from your programme team at this time as there is much detail to be worked through. But in the meantime, we hope that this announcement of the ‘safety net’ provides our students with some reassurance.