Our Commitment to Returning Students

We know that since lockdown in March your experience has been very different to what we were all expecting. A big thank you for your commitment and your support. Now, as you each complete the semester, we understand you will have questions about what your experience will be like in the new academic year commencing in September.  

I am sure, like all of us, you have a real desire to ‘get back to normal’. Of course, it will be wonderful if we are able to start the new academic year as we would normally. If we can, we absolutely will. 

But, I want to address any concerns about what will happen while the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the UK, even if lockdown has ended. Importantly, I want to reassure you that the University Centre South Devon is planning to start the 2020/2021 academic year for all students in September, providing high-quality, accessible and engaging teaching and learning, a positive student experience and wide-ranging support. 

The first important element of our plan relates to your safety and that of our whole institution community. We will follow government advice on social distancing and personal safety to ensure a ‘Covid secure’ working and learning environment. The campus will be operational, and you will be able to study and engage in person and regularly with other students and staff. 

The video below has been produced to give new and returning students an idea of what to expect when starting or returning to UCSD in September 2020:

You will be able to participate in lectures, face-to-face tutorials, and seminars. You will be able to access laboratory and studio experiences, the library, and all student support and wellbeing services. If needed, either to enable social distancing or to support your individual circumstances, options for remote access or online and blended learning will be available alongside the face-to-face experience. 

We know that we all may need to adapt if Covid conditions change. But our priority is to ensure a great teaching, learning and social experience for all our students. We all look forward to welcoming you back to campus to continue your studies. In the meantime, please keep in touch with your Personal Tutor particularly if you have any questions or concerns about your university life.