UCSD Hardship and COVID-19 Hardship Fund

Please note: due to a large volume of applications, our COVID-19 Hardship Fund is currently closed for applications.

UCSD acknowledge and support the difficult circumstances we are all finding ourselves in because of the pandemic. 

The UCSD Hardship and COVID-19 Hardship fund provides financial support for any UCSD students who are experiencing financial difficulty due to a change in their financial circumstances.  Please apply if you need to, because doing so will allow us to help where support is needed.  

These are the types of circumstances which you may feel you need help with: 

  • Accommodation and living costs: You may be struggling to cover these costs such as rent, mortgage, bills or household contributions. 
  • Technology: Difficulties accessing remote learning due to availability of technology. 
  • Employment: For those who have been working to supplement their income to support their education and who have since lost their employment. 
  • Changes in existing financial support: This would be for example, loss of another form of income. 

Application process

To help us consider your application, please try to upload as much evidence as possible. The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be to consider your application. If in doubt, please include it. You will be asked to upload evidence such as: 

  • a detailed description of your reasons for applying 
  • why your finances have been impacted by COVID-19
  • most recent one-month online bank statement for ALL accounts you currently use (this includes saving accounts) 
  • details of any other funding you have explored 
  • if and when you are expecting your next source of income 
  • any relevant tenancy or mortgage agreements 
  • receipts for unexpected costs 
  • a letter from your employer or evidence that you have tried to apply for jobs. 

We recognise that pulling this evidence together can cause anxiety and stress, but please be assured that we will treat your application with the utmost sensitivity. 

Grants will typically be made on an incremental basis up to the value of £1600.00, dependent on individual circumstances. In order to receive this award, you will need to have a UK bank account.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 08000 213181.