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Weekly COVID-19 Update: 08/10/21

Update Covid-19: Advice to all students, parents and carers 08/10/2021

Dear students, parents and carers 

I last emailed you on Friday 01/10/2021 with all the current Covid information and updates. This link  will take you the Covid-19 section of the college website where you will find all the information and resources from the College

Please see below the current most important information.

  1. Covid – precautions for all students and staff who attend College
  2. Covid Testing – students
  3. Testing following confirmed PCR positive result
  4. Reporting COVID-19 Cases: Latest data.

1. Covid – precautions for all staff and students attending College

The wearing of face coverings when indoors in communal areas of the College buildings is currently recommended but is voluntary.

2. Covid Testing – students

Students are asked to conduct home testing on a Wednesday and Sunday evening after 6pm. Tutors will ensure that students have a constant supply of home testing kits. Test kits can also be collected by students from the ‘Student Space’ in The Street.

Please note students should share their home test results with NHS Test & Trace as soon as they have undertaken their home test. Students must also share their results with the College via the Covid test results form, as soon as possible after a test so the College can monitor any localised ‘outbreaks’.  The College will be reviewing who completes this form, as well as the results, and keeping Public Health England informed of the numbers of students conducting home tests. The SDC COVID results reporting form is now even quicker and easier for students to report their results.   

We will continue to constantly review our approach, following the latest government guidance and will adapt what we do accordingly.  Please do whatever you can to keep everyone safe.

3. Testing following confirmed PCR positive result

Please note if someone has tested positive with a PCR test, they should not be tested using either PCR or rapid lateral flow tests for 90 days, unless they develop new symptoms during this time – in which case they should be retested immediately using PCR. This 90-day period is from the initial onset of symptoms or, if asymptomatic when tested, their positive test result.

4. Reported COVID-19 Cases: Latest data

The table below gives the most up-to-date picture of COVID-19 infections at South Devon College in all areas.

Weekly cases: 14 (Total confirmed positive cases reported in the last week) 
Total cases: 211 (A running total of positive/presumed positive cases reported to the College by students and staff since the first case was reported on Wednesday 7th October 2020)   

Kindest regards,

Laurence Frewin   
Principal and CEO   
South Devon College

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