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Update Covid-19: Advice to all students, parents and carers 18/06/21

Dear students, parents and carers

Further to my recent communication to you on 11th and 15th June 2021, please find below important information relating to the following:

1. Government announcement re delay of planned easing of covid restrictions on 21 June

2. Covid Testing – Home test kits for students

3. Reporting a POSTIVE covid test result out of hours

4. Reporting COVID-19 Cases: Latest data

1. Government Covid-19 update 14/06/2021

The Prime Minister announced this week that the planned easing of covid restrictions in the UK has been delayed by between two and four weeks. As a result of this announcement, we must carry on with ‘hands, face, space’ and comply with the COVID-19 measures that remain in place.

2. Covid Testing – Home test kits for students (including 14-16, FE, Apprentices, Adults and Higher Education

With up to 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 not displaying any symptoms, rapid testing remains a vital tool to help us stay ahead of the virus. The twice-weekly regular testing habit is as important as ever and we urge all students to continue to test themselves twice a week at home on a Sunday and Wednesday evening after 6pm for the foreseeable future.

Please note that it is a requirement to share results (positive, negative and void) with NHS Test & Trace immediately so that contact tracing (particularly outside the college environment) can take place and clinical evaluation of the testing programme can continue. Students (or parents/carers) should share results with the college via the Covid test results form, as soon as possible after a test, so that if positive, contact tracing at the college can take place. QR codes for both the Test & Trace and college results form are on each box.

3. Reporting positive COVID results

Please remember to complete the ‘Out of hours Notification of a POSTIVE COVID-19 test result’ form using the link on the South Devon College website to alert us immediately if you, a member of your household or other close contact identified through Track & Trace, receive a positive test result whilst the College is closed.

4. Reported COVID-19 Cases: Latest data

The table below gives the most up-to-date picture of COVID-19 infections at South Devon College in all areas

Weekly cases:  2 (Total confirmed positive cases reported in the last week)
Total cases:  86  (A running total of positive/presumed positive cases reported to the College by students and staff since the first case was reported on Wednesday 7th October 2020) 

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for your ongoing support.

Kindest regards

Laurence Frewin 
Principal and CEO  
South Devon College 

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