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#TechTuesday: catching up with alumni, Vicktor Brelsford

At the recent British Marine Conference on Friday 13th March, Vicktor Brelsford presented about the innovative use of immersive technologies next to speakers from Princess Yachts, the Marine Business Technology Centre and ABB, Marine & Ports. Whilst he was at the College, we caught up with him to see how he’s been since studying here.

He works as a Managing Director and Head of Immersive at Fuel Immersive, a company that kicked off very recently in November 2019 when brand communications agency Fuel Communications acquired his company, One Polygon, which Vicktor had started four years prior to the merge.

Both organisations started up at Plymouth University’s award-winning Formation Zone incubation facility and have closely collaborated on projects for clients in the e-commerce, property, education, health, and hospitality sectors.

They enable their clients to feel the future through virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and 360 degree creative.  To their clients, it means getting investors onboard quicker, making sales slicker, engagingly educating audiences, or simply making their brand stand out and command attention in a crowded marketplace.

When Vicktor left school, he wanted to follow his passion and interests so chose South Devon College to pursue studies in media and gaming. He studied a degree in Digital Media and Interactive design, which has since evolved to the current options: Creative Digital Design and Games and Interactive Design. He topped up his degree at Plymouth which is where One Polygon was born; creating VR experiences which led him to working with Fuel.

His dissertation involved using two groups to practise archery shooting 100 arrows over a week – one group using VR to practise and one group didn’t use VR. The studies found that the VR group showed higher retention of skills, accuracy, and muscle memory when shooting real arrows.

Vicktor was keen to praise the tutors he had when studying at the College. He said “I wouldn’t be here without the tutors at college. Ekow and Gareth were encouraging and attentive and I learnt a great deal about the foundations media is built on, coding websites, and 2d and 3d animation.

“To anyone looking to get into this industry, you need to stand out. So make stuff and be creative and it will lead you on the right path.”

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