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Teaching and Learning

Issy Hallam

Students on FdA Teaching and Learning have been undertaking their primary research this semester. They have investigated a topic or problem that puzzles them in the school placement. By doing so they have become the expert on that topic, and able offer recommendations to their class teachers or school.

This year’s research has included investigations into pupil engagement and teacher workload during Covid lockdowns, the best intervention to support a child who dysregulates often, teachers’ attitudes to absenteeism, the impact of art on pupil wellbeing, teachers’ attitudes to Nurture Groups and training for understanding adverse childhood experiences, and how turn-taking play effects children’s social interactions.

Students use these Level 5 projects to practice planning and implementing work-based research so that they are ready for their dissertation in their BA (Hons) top-up year.

The FdA Teaching and Learning programme is being retired this year, and being replaced by the brand new FdA Education and Childhood. FdA Education and Childhood has a renewed focus on special educational needs and disability (SEND), safeguarding and inclusion, and educational practice in a post-Covid world, and we are really excited to be bring it to UCSD in September 2021.

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