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South Devon College launches new Global Studies and Sustainability course

South Devon College is launching its brand new Access to Higher Education: Global Studies and Sustainability Diploma.

The one year full time programme, starting in September, will give students a route into university level study.

“This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in studying global challenges, sustainability and how this impacts society, the economy and the environment,” explained programme co-ordinator, Hannah Davies.

“It’s for anyone who is passionate about sustainability and wants to make a positive change.”

Students will study a range of topics including human geography, environmental crime and human rights and law.

A foundation degree Global Change, Social Responsibility and Sustainability will start at University Centre South Devon, part of South Devon College, in September 2024.

Both courses will be led by experts drawn together from different disciplines across the College and University Centre. The unique location will also play an important part with easy access to Dartmoor National Park and coastline giving students the opportunity for hands-on experience and field trips.

“There is a real need to develop a degree around sustainability to support the Government’s Net Zero goals. The courses are also well aligned with the values of South Devon College, as a sector leader in sustainability,” explains Dr Marie Hale, Lecturer at University Centre South Devon.

“We will be working closely with the National Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust, The National Park Authority and Schumacher College at Dartington.”

It’s hoped the degree will attract students from a range of disciplines, including sociology, geography and the sciences who are passionate about the environment.

A Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner apprenticeship is also being developed to run alongside the degree.

“We aim to enrol students who are already working in the sustainability sector on the apprenticeship route,” said Dr Hale.

Lecturer Kelly Smith says the degree and apprenticeship will open up many career paths. 

“It’s much more about social responsibility and trying to make positive change through whatever means and looking at the mechanisms in place to do that, so graduates will be able to go on to work in a diverse range of careers. This could include policy reform, business education, consultancy, humanitarian response, government, civil service, climate change or NGOs or charity organisations.”

Trash Free Trail’s, a community focussed, non-profit organisation is supporting the development of the foundation degree programme.  

“It provides a vital stepping stone for students interested in pursuing further study and/or a career in sustainability who may lack the financial means, time allowance or desire to undertake a full undergraduate degree title.

The intersection of Global Citizenship with Sustainability within this foundation degree will ensure graduating students enter the field of sustainability with a nuanced and innovative understanding of the intersectionality present within contemporary sustainability discourse, and its importance for global, national and local development.

There is much to be done in the face of our precarious and uncertain future across the globe. A Diploma such as this one is vital in providing individuals with the knowledge, skills and opportunity to perceive themselves as integral to pursuing innovation, equity and a sustainable, globalised world.”

For more information on the course and to apply for the access course click here.

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