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Psychology and Criminology

Caroline Knight

Criminology students recently had an online conference in criminal sexual violence and trauma as part of their course, which was also attended by staff and students across UCSD as well as some police, social workers, and partners from TDAS. 

I have started a newsletter for criminology called ‘Partners in Crime’ which will hopefully be a monthly event. It includes crime stories, the latest news from the crime and criminal justice world and any interesting job adverts, for example.

All new applicants have been sent a copy. The idea is to involve students in the editing, to enhance their experience and boost their CVs.

We have started a buddy system for new applicants to criminology. If they wish to be, they will be buddied up with a year 2 student. We already have two ‘buddied’ up, so we will see how it goes.

We have a Facebook page for criminology students past and present and have already invited new applicants to join. Students have now begun to run this page themselves and have some great crime debates!

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