Update from Torbay Council: 04.11.20

Dear Students, Parents or Carers,

Young people during lockdown

We appreciate being apart from friends during this time is not always easy and some may feel that, if they are attending College, the rules do not need to apply to them. They do. Young people have already experienced significant disruption to their education. The opportunity being provided to keep schools, colleges and universities open is vitally important to ensure young people can continue to enjoy and flourish in their education.

South Devon College has been playing its part to help tackle the virus, keep everyone safe and continue with vital education. This includes an increased use of blended learning, changes to how we move around the campus and use its facilities, undertaking rigorous handwashing procedures, the use of face coverings and maintaining social distancing where possible.

From Thursday 5 November, we will enter a four week period of lockdown and it is imperative that everyone strictly follows the government restrictions in and out of the College.

This includes not meeting friends after College has finished and going straight home. We would ask that you also remember that meeting friends in the evening and during weekends is not permitted. Technology means that there are other ways to connect with friends without seeing them in person and we ask for all of your support to do this while the lockdown restrictions are in place.

It is extremely important that everyone, but especially young people, are reminded that Covid-19 spreads through close contact and, even those who experience mild or even no symptoms, can pass the virus on to more vulnerable members of your family and loved ones or our community, putting lives, and the NHS, at risk. Social distancing is the best tool we have against this virus, it is our collective responsibility to help to reduce the transmission of the virus. By working together, following the guidance and adhering to the rules we will be able to reduce cases and continue to open our schools, colleges and university.

If you are worried about your child’s mental health, support is available at www.kooth.com

Yours sincerely

Caroline Dimond

Director of Public Health