Safety Net 2019/20

We are committed to ensuring that all students maintain continuity of their studies and will be awarded their qualifications in the expected time period. Our priority at this time of huge uncertainty is to help students to progress to the next year of study, or to complete their programme and graduate. 

We have therefore implemented a Safety Net, incorporating many different protective measures to ensure, where possible, that students are not unfairly impacted by the changes to their learning or assessment, and responds to the different academic programme requirements. 

We have already: 

  • revised the approach to extenuating circumstances 
  • reviewed assessments and amended them where learning outcomes have already been assessed or to reflect the change to online delivery of teaching and learning. 

Further information is provided below regarding specific details of the safety net, and how it affects you.  

Our aims are to ensure that:

  • progression and award decisions can still be made within normal timescales for you
  • you still have the opportunity to fulfil the required programme learning outcomes and academic standards
  • and that as much as possible, you are not disadvantaged by the current situation.

If you are studying on an undergraduate programme awarded by the University of Plymouth

Information on the safety net applicable to you, can be found on the University of Plymouth’s website here

If you are studying on a programme awarded by South Devon College

Due to the complexities of various programme structures, your programme manager, or equivalent, will confirm with you how the safety net will apply in the early part of next week.  

Do I still have to complete remaining assessments?

Yes. You will still need to pass the required assessments in order to demonstrate you have met the programme learning outcomes and be awarded credits so that you can either progress and/or receive a qualification. Some of your assessments may have changed or may have been removed due to the new format of learning.

How will the recent changes made affect my progress? 

Our aim is to make sure you can continue with your studies and progress at the same rate as you would with a normal teaching schedule. If you are due to complete your studies this year, we fully expect you to be able to do so. 

What happens if I fail an assessment?

As normal, decisions such as these are made by Award Assessment Boards. Where students have been unable to complete assessments or assessments are not passed, a same attempt referral will be granted, and the amount of credit permissible in the summer resit period (and extended referral) has been increased. 

What happens if I get sick or am unable to complete an assessment?

We completely appreciate that this is an unprecedented time and that everyone is experiencing difficulties for many reasons. We will, of course, continue to support you.

We have removed the requirement to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim, either self-certified or corroborated, for any assessment that was due to be submitted on or after Monday 16 March 2020. This means all students will automatically be granted Extenuating Circumstances and assessments will not be subject to any penalty.

In light of the current situation, students that are unable to submit their assessments by published deadlines will be permitted to submit up to ten working days late without penalty. If you are unable to submit assessments within those additional ten working days, this will be recorded as a non-submission and you will be offered re-assessment without penalty (i.e. at the same attempt).