Eat and Hydrate

Why is what you eat and drink important for your wellbeing?

The foods you eat and the drinks you consume have the power to provide you with the right amount of fuel to give you energy and keep you feeling well.  

Unfortunately, eating non-nutritious rich foods, e.g., simple carbs, sweets, energy drinks etc., have the opposite effect on your body and energy levels.  

Choosing nutritious foods is just a starting point. How we eat can also play a role in the health benefits we can gain from food.  

Through simply following the steps below, you can promote: 

  • Digestive health 
  • Increased energy levels  
  • Reduced stress 
  • Improved concentration and focus. 
  1. When eating, stay clear of any tech, e.g., mobile, laptop, TV etc. Instead, focus on savouring the food you are eating.  
  2. Chew slowly. Eating slowly encourages the digestive enzymes to kick in, which in turn promotes digestion.  
  3. Include healthy protein with each meal as it will help stabilise blood sugars, allowing you to feel full for longer and prevent any cravings.   
  4. Ensure that you drink enough filtered water throughout the day. This will help keep your cells hydrated, which supports energy levels. It will also help flush out any toxins that can build up in the body due to the stress response.  
  5. Just before eating, check-in on how you are feeling. If feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is worth completing an exercise such as deep breathing before eating. This way, you will be able to calm your nervous system, which will in turn, support digestion.   
  6. Ideally, eat at a table rather than slumped on the sofa or lying down, as this will support the digestive processes and prevent indigestion and heartburn. 

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