Organisational Skills

Juggling home, work, study, relaxation, and everything that happens in between is difficult.  

Organisation is key to success; it is easier to be organised from the beginning of your studies than to wait until everything builds up. See the UCSD study guide on Time management to identify how you spend your time, get tips for prioritising your university work and learn how to set realistic goals. 

As a student, you will be engaging with material for different modules. Creating folders for each module within each course from the beginning of your studies helps to keep your work together. It is helpful to create a routine to maintain throughout your studies. 

Be Prepared 

Set aside time to look at the recourses provided on Teams or Moodle, by your tutors, in advance of each session. They provide useful background information which can make it easier to follow the class. Making notes before each session will also help you to process and understand the information.    

Take notes in each session and spend time afterward going through your notes. This helps with consolidating information and enables you to check your understanding and fill in any gaps. 

Write things down 

Make lists of the tasks you need to do that week, including writing up lecture notes and going food shopping. You will then need to prioritise, decide which tasks are most important, and do those first!  

You can download weekly and termly planners from the UCSD Time Management webpage, which will help you visualise what you need to do when, and which deadlines are approaching. Remember to allow time for relaxation. 

If everything gets too much, the HE Study and Wellbeing teams are here to help you.