Withdrawing From or Suspending Study

If you are considering withdrawing from UCSD or suspending your studies for any reason, please consult your Personal Tutor.

We also recommend contacting a member of the Wellbeing team via [email protected] if you are experiencing difficulties, as just talking to someone may be enough to put you back on track. Students choose to suspend study or withdraw for a variety of reasons and we may be able to help.

If you decide that you don’t want to continue with your studies in this academic year, it is important that you correctly withdraw or interrupt study as there could be academic and financial implications that you need to consider. For international students there will also be implications with regard to your visa.

You must complete a withdrawal or suspension of studies form available from the HE Faculty. Forms should be requested and returned via email to [email protected]. We cannot formally withdraw or suspend your studies without this completed form. 

The following information should be read in conjunction with the Safety Net 20/21, regarding attempts and Extenuating Circumstances in response to the pandemic.  

Academic Implications

Depending on the date you withdraw or suspend study, you may be deemed to have had an attempt at the modules you are enrolled on. Further information on the cut-off dates by which you would be considered to have an attempt are detailed below.

If you have extenuating circumstances for withdrawing or suspending study, you should complete an extenuating circumstances claim form now. A valid claim for extenuating circumstances could mean you do not lose an attempt at some or all of your modules. This is important as there is a maximum number of attempts any student can have at a module, and second and third attempt marks are capped. Please refer to the relevant Extenuating Circumstances Policy on our Academic Regulations page for more information on making a claim.

Information on cut-off dates for withdrawal or suspension

If you wish to withdraw from a taught module, you must notify the HE Faculty Office before 50% of the teaching on the module has been completed. If you do not do so and subsequently do not complete the module, you will be deemed to have failed the module. This may count towards the maximum number of attempts you are allowed at a module.

So for example, if you are studying a module which runs for eight weeks, you would need to withdraw before the end of the 4th week of teaching in order for the attempt not to count. Students who withdraw from a module at this stage will not be allowed to commence another module in the same semester.

If you have any queries about this or want to check the last date you can withdraw from a specific module without being deemed to have attempted the module, please check with the HE Faculty Office.

Financial Implications

You should read the UCSD Course Fees Policy available on our Consumer Rights for UCSD students page which will tell you the fee liability for the relevant academic year. If you have any queries about this, please contact the HE Faculty Office.

You must also inform Student Finance/your Funding Body directly that you have withdrawn or suspended study. We recommend that you discuss this with them before you make your decision as this may affect your ability to receive funding in the future.

Once your withdrawal or suspension has been formally processed, we will communicate this to the relevant funding body advising them of your last date of attendance as recorded on your withdrawal/suspension of studies form.

Get in touch

HE Faculty Office – email [email protected] or phone 01803 540788.

Support & Wellbeing – email [email protected] or phone 01803 540547.