Professional Statutory Regulatory Body Accreditation

Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) are external bodies which accredit, recognise and approve programmes that lead to a professional or vocational qualification or exemption from a professional examination.

A PSRB ‘accredited’, ‘recognised’ or ‘approved’ programme may convey, or be a step toward obtaining a licence to practise in a particular regulated profession; and/or it may confer full or partial exemption from professional qualifications.

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory body accreditation usually entails an inspection of provision, either through a visit involving relevant programme and academic staff and PSRB representatives or through scrutiny of programme documentation. It is often given for a specific time period, after which there has to be further inspection to retain the accreditation/recognition/approval.

UCSD encourages programmes to seek and maintain appropriate PSRB accreditation or similar recognition for its programmes of study.

Quality Assurance

Since accreditation/recognition/approval often requires Programmes to submit programme documentation for scrutiny, Programmes may consider it appropriate to tie the accreditation/recognition/approval process is in with the programme validation/validation of an existing programme process thereby preventing unnecessary duplication of effort.

Responsibility for the preparation of documentation required for programme accreditation/recognition/approval by PSRBs and for making arrangements for visits, (where applicable) rests with the relevant programme team within Curriculum. Advice and information should be sought from the Head of Higher Education.


Reports from PSRBs are received and considered by the relevant Programme Committee Meetings (PCM), as well as any resulting action plan. The PCM is responsible for monitoring the implementation and completion of any resulting action plan.

Following consideration by PCM, the PSRB report, and any action plans and response are considered at Higher Education Academic Board.

If the report raises any issues about College level processes or procedures, identifies serious concerns, or if accreditation is withdrawn following a PSRB visit, this should be drawn to the attention of QTLA, and reported as an OfS Reportable Event.


HE Faculty Office maintain a record of all programmes of study accreditation/recognition/approval by PSRBs. The records identify the details of the PRSB and the type of accreditation/recognition/approval and dates of validity. HEAB confirm the accuracy of this data annually. A list of programmes with PSRB involvement is presented to HEAB annually.

Information about PSRB accreditation/recognition/approval is included in the Key Information Sets and therefore responsibility for ensuring that this information is accurate rests with the Programme Lead. It is also included on programme specifications.