Using the Library

All new students will receive a library induction, comprising of a tour of the facilities, an overview of available resources and borrowing rights – with the opportunity to ask plenty of questions along the way. 

Search and locate books

You can use our online search catalogue, Heritage Online to search for books held by the library, reserve books which are currently out on loan, and request books that the library currently doesn’t stock. 

The video below demonstrates how to use the search catalogue.

Top tips for searching Heritage Online

Search via module code

Enter your module code to search for resources in your reading list.

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators allow you to either narrow or broaden a search through connecting your search words together. These connecting words are ANDOR and NOT.  Using Boolean operators will save you valuable time by giving you targeted results that are most appropriate for your needs. 

  • AND – using this operator will ensure that all search results will include both of your keywords (e.g. a search for fashion AND sustainability will pull results about fashion sustainability and sustainability in fashion). 
  • OR – the use of this operator will pull results that include both or either of your keywords (e.g. a search for inclusion OR diversity will include results containing the word inclusion but not diversity, results containing diversity but not inclusion, and also results that contain both keywords. 
  • NOT – the operator will subtract one of the keywords from your results (e.g. a search for nursing NOT palliative will omit any nursing results that mention palliative care). 

Using Parenthesis ( )

Using ( ) will further customise your results.  A search for (smoking or drinking) and diabetes will provide results that contain smoking and diabetes, drinking and diabetes, smoking diabetes and drinking, but not any smoking or drinking results where diabetes isn’t mentioned. 

Order a book

If you can’t find a book which is on your reading list, we will be able to order a copy in for you. Speak to a member of staff or email [email protected].  

We may also be able to order a book or journal article in for you to borrow from another library. Click here to find out more about Inter-Library Loans.

Borrowing, renewing and returning books

How do I borrow and return items?


You can shelf-pick resources from the bookshelves and either borrow at one of our staff desks, or borrow using one of our self-serve kiosks. You can also use our Click and Collect service. Simply select Heritage Online  to search our library catalogue and check stock availability. Fill out this request form with your contact details and the details of the resources you wish to borrow.

The collection point is situated outside of the level 3 entrance. You can simply pick-up and go – we will have issued the items to your library account and the return dates will be attached to the items. If you do not collect your items within 3 days of being notified, they will be re-shelved.


You can return your items using the self-serve kiosks situated across both floors of the LRC, or to a staff member at one of our enquiry desks. If you need to return your items after 4pm when the LRC is closed, please use the library returns box situated to the left of the Level 1 Vantage Point reception desk.

Once you have returned your items please send a confirmation email to [email protected]. Please note that the items will remain on your library account for a number of days whilst they are being quarantined.

How many items can I borrow?

UCSD students can borrow up to 10 items at a time.

How long can I borrow items for?

We have a number of different loan lengths. Check book spines for stickers which show these. No sticker = 3 weeks. Otherwise the sticker will indicate a one week loan, overnight loan or reference only, which means the item cannot be removed from the library.

I want to borrow a book which is currently out on loan. Can I reserve it?

Yes you can.  You can place a reservation through Heritage Online or a member of library staff can place the reservation on your behalf. Once the book is back in stock, you will either be emailed or phoned.

Can I renew my items?

Yes, you can renew your items twice before having to return them to the LRC. There are a number of ways you can renew your items:

  • Check your student emails for prompts from the LRC two days before the items are due back (or set these up to forward to a personal email address). You can reply directly to these emails asking us to renew your items.
  • Login to Heritage Online. Just enter your ID number (this is your student number) and PIN number (this will have been emailed to you, but library staff can also provide this upon request) in the box provided, click on Account along the menu bar and select the items you would like to renew.
  • Alternatively, you can ask a member of library staff at the main desk.

Please note: if you have a fine of £1 or more on your account, you will not be able to renew any items online until this has been paid. Instead, please speak to a member of staff in the LRC or email [email protected].

Will I be fined for late returns?

You will be charged 10p per day for most loans (but 50p for overnight loans). Once this charge reaches £1 or more you will not be able to borrow any resources until the fine has been paid.

We do send reminder emails to let you know when your items are overdue. Make sure that you check your students emails regularly, or set these to forward to a personal email address.