Induction Period

The induction period is you settling into being a student, commencing the 18th of September until the 10th of November 2023, it is the final stage of the Stepping Up to Higher Education programme.

During the induction period, you will…

  • Attend the onsite induction
  • Download the module guides for the first semester
  • Receive the first six weeks of taught sessions
  • Maintain communication with HE Disability (if required)

Attend the onsite induction

The first week of your course is for induction, it will be led by your personal tutor.

Induction activities aim to welcome you to UCSD, help you make friends, inform you about the kind of learning involved in the degree course and help in navigating university life.

All new students will meet in the foyer of the UCSD and go to the room Brunel at 9:30am to meet Dr Kat Jones, the Dean of UCSD. 

Find out the day and room of your induction here





Complete the online induction

You can only access the online induction after you have enrolled, as it is on Moodle our digital learning environment (DLE).

To access the online induction you will need to login to Moodle and search for ‘UCSD Induction’, then select the self enrol button. There are two units to complete.

Unit 1. Student development: This unit explores some of the academic, personal and professional knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to thrive as a student to become a South Devon Graduate. Please choose the unit which reflects your course

Unit 2. Equality and diversity: This is a certificated course about all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion. All students are encouraged to take the course, but is mandatory for students who are undertaking a work-placement as part of their course and those who are apprentices.


Download the module guides for the first semester

Please download and read each module guide for semester one, it is an important element of engagement into your chosen area of study.

In the module guide you can find information on:

  • the module design and content
  • names of the teaching team
  • the aim of the module
  • learning outcomes of the module
  • the teaching and learning strategy
  • assessment strategy
  • assessment regulations
  • module rules
  • weekly schedule of teaching
  • assessment brief one
  • assessment brief two
  • reading list


Receive the first six weeks of taught sessions

During the first weeks of teaching you will be creating and settling into new routines and behaviours.

Students who do best in their undergraduate studies are those who:

Maintain communication with the HE Disability team (if required)

If you declared a disability then you will have received an email from the HE Disability team.

  • You need to follow the link  that takes you to on an online form that will take a few minutes to complete.
  • You will then receive a second email that provides guidance on the next steps of accessing external support.

Evidence – Please contact the HE Disability team if your application cannot proceed due to obtaining evidence.

After you have applied for DSA, through Student Finance England, you will receive an email

  • confirming your application for DSA has been accepted
  • with information on how to book a Needs Assessment

Please book your Needs assessment promptly and let HE Disability know that you have had your application for DSA accepted.

If you are stuck at any point please do not delay in getting in touch, we can help you with all stages of the process!