Research Showcase 4th-7th May

The University Centre South Devon research showcase is an annual event which allows students and staff to present their research on specialism areas and celebrates the scholarly success of both our students and staff. Much of this research is innovative and has been conducted by our UCSD lecturers, some will be linked to pedagogy and updates on scholarly activity.

Research is a key value of higher education, many of our degree programmes offer the opportunity to undertake first-hand research activity, and we provide a platform for discoveries to be shared. Watch and listen to this research be showcased and contact us if you would like more information on degree programmes at UCSD: [email protected]

Register using the links below. After booking you will be sent a link to the event.

4th May   10:00amMarine Biology and Environmental Sciences with Andrea GaionBook Here
4th May   10:45amConservation of Local Species with Stuart Collier Book Here
4th May   11:30amAnalysis of Morphometrical Impacts of Micro and Macro Plastics on Small-Spotted Catshark (Scyliorhinus Canicular)  (Student Presentation) Book Here
4th May   2:00pmHypnotic Repetition with Pawel SzymanskiBook Here
5th May10:00amUsing a Murder Investigation as a Case Study to Examine the Use of Psychology in Practical Policing with Caroline KnightBook Here
5th May10:45amAdditive Manufacturing, a Solution to Solve Marine Plastic Waste with Ben BryantBook Here
5th May2:00pmPsychology of Persistence with Issy HallamBook Here
5th May2:45pmUnconscious Bias and Conflict in the Classroom with Sam SmithBook Here
6th May 9:15am    Education in International Contexts with Estelle TarryBook Here
6th May 10:00amTechnology in Healthcare Teaching: From the Classroom to the Clinical Area with Andrew Hall  Book Here
6th May 10:45amCircadian Rhythm in Salivary Peroxidase Activity with Ken Armstrong Book Here
6th May 11:30amTranscranial Vibration System for Treatment of AUV with Claire LangmanBook Here
6th May   2:00pmBritish Basketball Coaching – Unique or Universal? With Ben Roper  Book Here
6th May 2:45pmAn Assessment of the Resistance and Wake Making Properties of Industry-Standard Bow Designs (Student Presentation)Book Here
7th May 9:15am     Post 16 Pathways to Employment with Katy Joy Book Here
7th May 10:00am Bead College: A Creative Approach to Research with Alison MilnerBook Here
7th May 10:45am   Is Automation the Future of Fishing? With Matthew Prowse Book Here
7th May 11:30am  Outdoor and Adventure Practitioners in the Field with Katy JoyBook Here
7th May 2:00pmExploring Modern Masculinity with Chris MatthewsBook Here