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A warm welcome from the Health, Care Professions and Nursing Higher Education team at University Centre South Devon.

Gabriele Bianco BSc (Hons) SLT, MSc, CertMRCSLT, Reg. HCPC

Main areas of teaching

Hearing Aid Audiology


Gabriele Bianco graduated in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Padua (Italy) in 2008, and then continued his studies abroad (Spain and Australia). He subsequently worked as a paediatric SLT for the Italian National Health Service.

After being awarded a competitive Erasmus Mundus scholarship, in 2015 he obtained an MSc in Clinical Linguistics from a university consortium consisting of: University of Groningen, (The Netherlands), University of Potsdam (Germany), and University of Eastern Finland. In 2018, he completed the ESS (European Stuttering Specialisation) from a university consortium led by the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

He subsequently moved to the UK, where he worked for the NHS and a Community Interest Company as an early years specialist on the prevention of language difficulties through parent-coaching programmes. He is registered with the Health & Care professions Council (HCPC), and he is a Certified Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLTs). He is also involved in the training of professionals and teachers who work with bilingual children. Since 2024, he is a full-time lecturer for the Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology at the University Centre South Devon.

Research and scholarly activity

Awards/Grants :

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: European Masters in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL), awarded by European Union – Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency


  • Strangis, D., Sigus H., Bouwsma, S., Nygren, S., Fossberg Thorlacius, H.S., Di Chiara, Z., Bianco, G. and Callegaro, A. (2023) Manual for Young People who Stutter. Available at:
  • Guasti, M.T., White, M.J., Bianco, G., Arosio, F., Camilleri, B. and Hasson, N. (2020) “Two clinical markers for DLD in monolingual Italian speakers: what can they tell us about second language learners with DLD?”, Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 35(9), pp. 829–846. Available at:

Invited Talks/Workshops:

10/2017- Present:

  • Bilingualism and Language: Towards a Correct Identification and Prevention of Language Difficulties. Theoretical & Practical Course (original title: Bilinguismo e Linguaggio: verso una corretta identificazione e prevenzione dei disturbi del linguaggio. Corso teorico-pratico. 14-hour CPD Courses given in different locations (Bologna, Verona, Rome, Milan, Turin, Modena + online) to Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Paediatricians, Child Neuropsychiatrists, Phoniatricians and Occupational Therapists.

01/2017 –

  • Difficulties in L2 learning: Specific Language Impairment. What are the tools for an early assessment? (original title: Difficoltà di apprendimento L2: disturbo specifico di linguaggio.Quali strumenti per una valutazione precoce?)

Workshop given (with SLT Antonio Miozzo) at EURAC (institute for specialised communication and multilingualism), Bolzano (Italy)

11/2026 –

  • Literacy, Bilingualism and Dyslexia.

Talk given at the Dante Alighieri italian Cultural Institute, Cape Town (South Africa)


  • Bilingual children and language impairment: separating fact from fiction

Talk given at the Dante Alighieri italian Cultural Institute, Cape Town (South Africa).


  • Clinical markers of Specific/Primary Language Impairment in sequential bilingual children (original title: Marcatori clinici di disturbo specifico/primario del linguaggio in bambini bilingui sequenziali)

Invited speaker (with Prof. Maria Teresa Guasti) for Communication & Language Acquisition Studies in Typical & Atypical Development (CLASTA) Conference 6th edition at IRCCS Stella Maris Scientific Institute of Child Neurology and Psychiatry Calambrone, Pisa (Italy)


Sarah Brounger BSc (Hons), Registered Podiatrist

Main areas of teaching

  • Public Health and Equity
  • Assistant Practitioner
  • Podiatry
  • Person centred approaches and communication. 


Sarah has 20 years’ experience in Health and Social care including working with people with learning disabilities and autism. During this time, she became interested in Assessing and teaching staff, gaining an A1 assessors award and completed an ILM level 4 in leadership and Management.  

After completing her degree in Podiatry, she is now an HCPC registered Podiatrist with experience working as a band 6 diabetes and wound specialist with the NHS.    

Throughout her career she has had a keen interest in assisted staff with their continued professional development. She started to work with University Centre South Devon College last year.  

Research and scholarly activity

In order to maintain registration with the NMC and remain professionally up to date, I continue to keep my hand in clinically as a specialist nurse.

Manah Chandra Changmai

Research and scholarly activity

Natalie Collins Dip HE, BSc (Hons), MSRPH

Main areas of teaching

  • Programme Coordinator Health Apprenticeships


Through my education and healthcare career, I have gained experience in acute care, community and residential settings in London and the Southwest. My areas of experience include women’s health, maternity care, optical health, and adult social care. I am passionate about public health and health education. I joined South Devon College in 2018 to support, inspire and train the future health and care workforce.

Research and scholarly activity

I am a member of the Royal Society for Public Health, through which I undertake regular continued professional development activities and maintain currency of knowledge. I maintain close links with primary, secondary, and tertiary care providers to ensure that our apprenticeship programmes meet industry needs.

Paul Hindle BSc (Hons), MChiro, MA (Open), PGCE, DC, MRCC, SFHEA

Main areas of teaching

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Assistant Practitioners
  • BSc (Hons) Enhanced Integrated Care HE Lead


Started work as a personal trainer in 2003 after completing a BSc in Natural Sciences at the University of Bath. After moving more towards the exercise rehabilitation pathway I decided to retrain as a Chiropractor in 2008. After graduating in 2012 I practised in Norfolk for 3 years before moving back to Devon in 2015 to work clinically in Paignton alongside starting my teaching journey in 2016 at UCSD.

Research and scholarly activity

As a practising Chiropractor since 2012 I undertake a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development each year. I have extensively researched the use of exercise in managing hypermobility syndromes and provided exercise tutorial videos on YouTube. Education wise I have completed a Masters in Education with the Open University, including my PGCE qualification from UCSD.

Lucy Parkin BA (Hons), DTLLS

Main areas of teaching

  • Currently working on the introduction of specialist pathways across the Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship programme to support the sector in upskilling the future workforce.


Lucy is the Head of Health and Care Professions and Nursing team at South Devon College and University Centre South Devon and oversees health and social care industry related curriculum within South Devon High School, Further Education, Higher Education, Apprenticeships and other professional training. Lucy is an alumni of the University of Plymouth and University Centre South Devon where she achieved a Degree Apprentice in Leadership and Management and Level 5 Diploma Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector respectively. Lucy also holds a level 4 qualification in advice and guidance and a number of additional health related qualifications. Lucy has worked as an educator for 16 years and lectured on a number of programmes, enjoying leading her team to provide new and innovative curriculums across the health and social care sectors with a clear focus on enhancing the workforce to benefit Patients, Carers and other Service Users.

Research and scholarly activity

Published book chapter – Neale, A. and Connolly, S. (2022). ‘Child development and neurodiversity: Every classroom, every child and every family are unique’, in E. Tarry (ed.) Challenges in Early Years and Primary Education: Employing Critical Thinking Skills During Turbulent Times. Abingdon: Routledge.

Ella Reynolds BNurs (Hons), MRes, Registered Nurse – Child

Main areas of teaching

  • Acute and Critical Care
  • Intensive care
  • Paediatrics
  • Contextualised nursing theory
  • Nursing Research


After qualifying as a Children’s nurse in 2012, I specialised in Paediatric Intensive Care, looking after critically ill children in areas such as neurology, cardiology, transplant, oncology and trauma. I then trained as Family Liaison Junior Sister, supporting children and families through palliative, end-of-life and safeguarding processes. I have also worked in community and outpatient settings and completed a Masters in Clinical Health Research, undertaking qualitative research exploring sibling experiences of children’s critical care. I currently work clinically as Paediatric Lead Nurse (South Devon & Cornwall) – Newcross National Critical Care Team. I love education and teaching both clinically and in higher education settings and currently work part-time clinically which compliments my teaching role. I have particular interests in advanced communication skills and conflict resolution and delivering trauma-informed practice. I am passionate about mental wellbeing and resilience among healthcare professionals and have disseminated research on these topics.

Research and scholarly activity

Trethewey SP, Reynolds EKM. Exposure to green spaces and all-cause mortality: limitations in measurement and definitions of exposure. Lancet Planetary Health. 2021 Aug;5(8):e501.
Trethewey SP, Reynolds EKM, Trethewey CS. Behavioural determinants of health: individual versus societal responsibility. British Journal of General Practice. 2021; 71(708):301-302.
Trethewey SP, Reynolds EKM. Burnout: is resilience training the solution? Clinical Teacher. 2019 Nov 5.
Trethewey SP, Morlet J, Trethewey CS, Reynolds EKM. Defining ‘complementary and alternative medicine’. The British Student Doctor Journal. 2019;3(1):42–7.
Reynolds EKM, Trethewey SP. Attitudes of Paediatric Critical Care staff towards the concept of ‘resilience’: the ‘Glass half full’ project. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2019 Mar;20(3):309-310.
Trethewey SP, Morlet J, Reynolds EKM, Trethewey CS, Norman RI. Medical Student Involvement in and Attitudes towards Audit and Research: The MEDical Student Experience of Audit and ResearCH (MED-SEARCH) Survey. World Journal of Medical Education and Research. 2018;17(1):13-22.

Abishek Umashankar

Main areas of teaching

Antonio Giulio Specchia

Main areas of teaching

  • Audiology

Sarah Jane Venn-Dunn FdSc, BSc (Hons)

Main areas of teaching

  • Developing Research & Practice
  • Preparatory Skills
  • Palliative Care
  • Communication
  • Person-Centred Care


I enrolled as a full time FdSc Healthcare Practice learner in 2011, nominated as course representative and stayed on to complete my BSc, became an ambassador for the college and began my teaching journey after graduating again in 2014. I became HE Lead in 2015 for the AP programme and taught across FE and HE from Levels 1 – 5. After a sabbatical in 2017 until 2021, working in the local Healthcare Trust, I am now the Programme Coordinator for the Assistant Practitioner, BSc, Health Studies and Podiatry/Orthotics programmes alongside Higher Education Coordinator across the ever expanding Health Provision. I am passionate about the quality of health and care provision across the sector.

Stephen Campbell