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Take a break from Revision and try Tree Bathing

Try Tree Bathing when you take a break from Revision

Did you know that human beings are drawn to the colour green as we subconsciously associate it with food, water and shelter?

Well it’s true. It is an instinct passed down by our more primitive ancestors that greenery is a sign of life, good quality food, and that water is available nearby. This therefore creates a sense of reassurance and well-being.

Research has demonstrated that even as little as 15 minutes spent among trees can lower cortisol levels, boost the immune system and reduce anxiety. There are plenty of places where you can experience the healing power of trees. It can be in your own garden, a park, or a day out in the forest. It’s a great antidote to urbanisation, disconnection from the land, and the results of unhealthy lifestyles in overcrowded towns.

“Tree Bathing” is simple and pretty self-explanatory. Just go for a walk or sit quietly in a green space, turn off your mobile phone and just look around. Spores from the trees and plants have healing properties and research shows that our mental and emotional state is improved when surrounded with a natural environment as we connect with nature and develop a sense of belonging.

So try not to keep yourself cooped up trying to revise 24/7 because you will switch off and not take anything in. Break up your sessions of revision and relieve your tension just by taking in a lush green scene. Remember, here at South Devon College you can make the most of the many green spaces we have including our new Therapy Garden.

Thank you to Lynn Squire, Head of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Industries at South Devon College, for the support with this article.

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