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Study with local experts at University Centre South Devon

If you’re thinking of pursuing degree level study, making the decision to stay local doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, studying with University Centre South Devon (UCSD) will mean you’re studying at a TEF Gold-rated institution which is the highest rating possible. The Teaching Excellence Framework is a system for recognising excellent teaching and learning in higher education across the country. 

You may have many reasons to study your degree locally, such as reduced travel expenses, remaining close to home and family commitments, or needing to flexibly study around employment.

But studying locally doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, studying with UCSD will mean you’re studying at a TEF Gold-rated institution which is the highest rating possible. The Teaching Excellence Framework is a system for recognising excellent teaching and learning in higher education across the country.

One of the reasons UCSD is rated so highly is because the lecturers you learn from are all experts in their field, continuing to keep their knowledge up to date conducting regular research projects and studying PhDs in their sectors.

Ken Armstrong – Lecturer in Science and Chemistry

To give just a few examples of the experts UCSD have on board, some of the team of lecturers have shared an insight into their industry experience as well as current research projects that take their teaching to the next level and enhance your learning. 

Caroline Knight, lecturer in criminology and psychology, said “I was in the Devon and Cornwall Police for 30 years and have brought all of that experience into the classroom.”

Andrea Gaion, lecturer in marine biology, said he has “With a MSc and PhD, I use my previous experience in marine ecotoxicology in my teaching practice to enrich my theoretical teaching and give my students the real-life application of what they are studying.”

Ken Armstrong, lecturer in science and chemistry, said “I’m studying a PhD making new discoveries with protein nitrates and by studying for my PhD, I can relate to my students and help them through the obstacles in their studies as I develop ways to overcome mine.”

As well as a team that is overflowing with knowledge and expertise, there is an extensive range of financial support options on offer that will make the decision to study much easier.

You can apply for a student loan to help pay tuition fees and a Maintenance Loan to help with living expenses. UCSD also offers a cash bursary of up to £1000 to help you with the costs associated with studying a degree.

You can achieve great things and with UCSD’s team of local experts, you don’t have to travel across the country to do it.

If you want to find out more, join UCSD for their Virtual Open Day on 19th November from 12.00-7.00pm. You can register to attend by visiting ucsd.ac.uk/events. For any enquiries, you can contact UCSD on 08000 21 31 81 or email [email protected].

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