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A Greener Way For Our Bay

The University Centre South Devon is at the heart of the Torbay community, and the future of our Bay is a top priority, for all our students, staff and residents. And we need your help! 

We are working with Torbay Climate Partnership on its new framework and plan ‘A Greener Way For Our Bay’ for reducing the Bay’s carbon footprint and preparing for a changing climate, and we would love to hear your views and feedback on the proposed plan. It’s your Bay so please do have your say! 

We want to hear your views on how to make homes more energy efficient, protect the natural environment, support businesses to become more sustainable, and make sustainable and public transport (like walking, cycling and taking the bus) more accessible and affordable. 

You can access the short survey here: https://greenerway.torbay.gov.uk 

A Greener Way for Our Bay has ten priorities which are: 

  1. Help more people live and work in homes and buildings that are energy efficient.  
  1. Make sustainable transport and public transport more accessible and affordable. 
  1. Ensure that roads and paths are safer and more accessible for cyclists and walkers. 
  1. Reduce waste and increase recycling. 
  1. Enjoy and protect our marine and natural environment.  
  1. Help green our businesses and create new jobs with the environment at their heart.  
  1. Ensure the community is at the heart of local action.  
  1. Monitor progress and set up initiatives that celebrate success.  
  1. Help everyone understand why change is needed and how sustainable choices will make a difference.  
  1. Work with nature and the local community to prepare for a changing climate. 

Laurence Frewin, Principal of South Devon College, said: “A Greener Way For Our Bay survey is a vital step in the process of ensuring Torbay is a greener, cleaner, more sustainable community well-placed to thrive in the future.  

“As a college, we have our own sustainable goals which complement the plan of action for Torbay as a whole, and gaining feedback from students, staff and local residents is so important to identify the areas that need focus. Thank you to everyone who is taking the time to complete the survey.” 

The survey is being delivered collectively by members of the Partnership along with Tonic and the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark.  

There will also be a series of engagement activities and events held locally so please do find out more here: https://greenerway.torbay.gov.uk 

As we said, it’s your Bay so please do have your say!  

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