Level 6 Engineering Apprenticeships at UCSD

Engineering Apprenticeship routes available to you

We offer four different apprenticeship routes which allow you to acquire the BSc (Hons) Integrated Technologies Engineering. Each pathway shares 50% of the curriculum with the three other apprenticeships allowing you to build a solid foundation in engineering as well as developing specialised skills in your chosen pathway.

The apprenticeship will take up to five years (depending on prior experience and academic qualification) + six month EPA (End Point Assessment) at the end of the fifth year. These five years are broken down into three different stages plus the EPA period:

  • Stage one: Complete an HNC which will take two years
  • Stage two: Complete a FdSc which will take two years
  • Stage three: Complete the BSc (Hons) Integrated Technologies Engineering which will take one year
  • EPA period: which will take six months

To view the four different apprenticeship pathways and see what the different stages look like in each, click the buttons below:

The table below shows how each of the four apprenticeship pathways above share curriculum and how they are similar:

*The modules listed in colour are specific to the apprenticeship pathway and the modules in black are taught across all pathways.*

Both the HNC and the FdSc will be awarded by UCSD and the BSc (Hons) Integrated Technologies Engineering is awarded by the University of Plymouth.

Why Choose UCSD?

UCSD offers a diverse and flexible degree programme which allows you to learn from a mixed curriculum. We have extensive options which allow you to choose from a wide range of specialisations within the engineering field to tailor your learning to your specific interests.

University Centre South Devon

Teaching will be varied between our University Centre, state-of-the-art learning environment Hi Tech & Digital Centre and South Devon College Marine Academy. These locations provide a stimulating and well-equipped setting for academic and practical learning.

During the course of the apprenticeship you will:

  • Be taught by lecturers with both academic and practical subject experience
  • Learn in small class sizes
  • Experience a variety of guest speakers and class activities
  • Carry out industry based projects

These apprenticeships are a valuable opportunity for individuals with a strong foundation in engineering looking to upskill and advance their careers in the dynamic engineering sector. As well as experienced engineers seeking to further specialise in areas like Manufacturing, Mechanical, Marine, Electrical & Electronics, Control Systems, Naval Architecture, CAD Design, Product Design, Project Management, or related fields.

Resource and Facilities in our Engineering Department

We have had an investment of over £2 million for our Engineering department in capital resources which includes:

  • 5 Axis CNC Router
  • 5 Axis CNC Mill
  • 3 Axis Router and Mill
  • Bridge Simulator
  • Tensile, Impact and Hardness Testing
  • USV Technology
  • 3D Lidar Scanning
  • Injection Moulding Machine
  • Wind Tunnel
  • 3D Printing

Benefits for Apprentices

Apprentices will be able to:

  • Achieve a Level 6 Engineering Apprenticeship (Standard) and BSc (Hons) in Integrated Technologies Engineering
  • Develop problem solving skills and academic research and writing abilities
  • Achieve IEng (Incorporated Engineer) technical status
  • Learn a wide range of transferable skills
  • Increase employability and grow within the company you are employed by

Benefits for Employers

For employers taking on a degree level apprentice you will be able to:

  • Innovate your business with collaboration between apprentice, training provider and employer
  • Access to free software including (AutoCad, Ansys, Inventor and Solidworks) and materials testing equipment
  • Increase company research and development
  • Receive tailored curriculum and projects to innovate your business
  • Invest in young people and future company growth

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