Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

We currently offer a range of higher apprenticeships available from Levels 4-7, some of which contain Certificates of Higher Education, foundation degrees and bachelor’s degrees. Programmes are developed with employers to ensure you gain relevant skills for the local market. Higher and degree apprenticeships offer a unique way of developing professional level, job specific skills while remaining in employment and earning a salary. You will have the opportunity to achieve graduate and postgraduate level qualifications with a chance to gain a professional accreditation and membership.

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Jody completed the Tourism and Hospitality Management apprenticeship, hear the story of her career and the reasons why she chose to study at UCSD.

There are options to study health higher apprenticeships. Sarah shares her story of studying at UCSD and her experience working in healthcare sector. She is now Programme Co-ordinator for Health Professions.

Benefits of studying a higher or degree apprenticeship

  • You earn a living while you learn, and develop your skills
  • Higher and degree apprenticeships don’t have tuition fees
  • The knowledge you acquire will be practical and applied
  • You will be well-placed in the job market
  • You will learn skills that a directly relevant to a particular career