Once you have completed a HNC or Foundation degree, you will have the option to progress onto a Foundation degree (HNC students) or honours degree.

From a HNC: On completion of your HNC you may have the option to progress to year two of the relevant foundation degree at UCSD. Alternatively, you may be able to progress to an associated course at another provider.

From a Foundation Degree: On completion of your foundation degree, you may be able to progress onto the final year of an approved or associated course to top up to a full Bachelor’s degree. Depending on your programme of study, you may have the option to top-up at UCSD, University of Plymouth or another provider.

If you decide to follow an unapproved route to top-up your foundation degree, you may need to complete more than one year’s additional study, such as entering the second year of a programme.

You can find information on the progression route for your course in your Programme Quality Handbook.

Progression will also be covered during Tutorial where you will have the opportunity to discuss your options with your Personal Tutor.

Applying to progress

To apply to top up at either UCSD or University of Plymouth, you will need to complete and return the relevant progression form to the HE Faculty Office:

University Centre South Devon Progression Form 2020 Entry

University of Plymouth Progression Form 2020 Entry

Please note there is a deadline for progression applications and places may be subject to availability.

If you are planning to top-up at another provider, you will need to complete a UCAS application via the UCAS website. However, in the first instance we advise you check with the provider’s Admissions department on how and when to apply.

Useful links for progression to the University of Plymouth: