Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about the world of work in the UK. This data shows trends in who and where is hiring on a national and local scale, and conversely which career areas are in decline.

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a really helpful tool that can support your search for future careers:

  • If you have no idea about what career you may want, you can search for jobs locally and nationally to find areas that are in demand. Using LMI in this way will increase your career prospects generally, allowing you to pursue market trends in your employment.
  • If you do know what you’d like to do, LMI can help you research and plan to gain employment and succeed in that area. LMI can highlight what employment in your desired career area is like in your local area, what skills and experience are required, what pay to expect, and whether the job market is on the increase or in decline. All this information can help you plan your life to make the most of opportunities that present themselves.

Labour Market Profile – Torbay

The current Labour Market Profile for Torbay is a great way to get a sense of the job market in the local area. To use this data:

  • Looking at ‘Employment by Occupation’ will give you an overview of the numbers of jobs in different areas and levels, both locally and nationally. Comparing the local to national figures will allow you to get a sense of the kinds of jobs that are in particular demand in Torbay.
    • You can also use the ‘view time-series’ option to see the trends of certain job areas over time. This can help you to spot trends and predict which job areas may be in demand in the coming years.
  • The ‘Labour Demand’ area provides you with a snapshot of the current job markets in different career areas, along with weekly earnings. Like the above, this can help you get a sense of the current situation in Torbay and nationally, allowing you to plan your career and life choices accordingly. 
  • ‘Qualifications’ enables you to see how employable different levels of qualification are locally and nationally.   

Careerometer and Skillsometer

The Careerometer and Skillsometer draw on LMI data to explore and compare key information about occupations, help you learn about different occupations, and identify potential careers.