Once you have completed your studies with us, we want to stay in touch to hear about all the great things you go on to do. You can get involved with UCSD as a graduate, and volunteer some time to share your experience of study and valuable career insights with students.

Access employability support

We also understand that finding work and making decisions about your next steps as a graduate isn’t always plain sailing. That’s why employability support is available to you for up to three years after you graduate. Simply contact us via email on [email protected] to arrange a 1-1.

Feature in a graduate profile

Could you complete a questionnaire capturing your student experience and career journey so far, to help inspire the next generation of UCSD graduates? Email [email protected] for more information.

Speak to current students

Could you share your career experiences since graduating, and any insights into how our students can make themselves as employable as possible? If you would like to volunteer an hour or two as a guest speaker in person or virtually, we would love to hear from you. Email [email protected] for more information.

Share a job opportunity, or offer work experience

Could you provide work experience to a current student or recent graduate, or refer your employer? Anything from a few weeks of work experience to placement hours or an internship could provide invaluable support to our students in achieving their career goals.

You can advertise jobs and work experience opportunities for free through our Careers and Employability Centre here. You can also register for a company account which allows you to promote your employer brand through a profile page visible to students.