Assessment guidance for staff 2022-23​

UCSD updated its assessment policy and guidance ahead of the start of 2022-23 academic year which all curriculum areas need to adhere to.​

The policy and guidance has been widely consulted on. ​

  • A working group did the initial research and pooling of resources to make recommendations across the year.​
  • The consultation was shared with other college HE providers who planned to use the consultation with their colleagues.​
  • Student reps gave feedback on 28 April 2022.​
  • All academic staff were invited to give consultation feedback during May 2022, feedback received from three of the four departments. ​
  • Finally, the HECs and members of HE team reviewed all the consultation feedback and recommendations to make decisions on the guidance.​
  • The new principles based policy adopted by Governors in June 2022 and the full guidance will be online ready for new academic year

The basics that have not changed…​

  • Each programme needs an assessment schedule available on Moodle with both draft and summative assessment dates and arrangements ​
  • There must be a request to the Faculty Office (university@) of any changes to module leader (from the PQH) or assessment dates (from the schedule and in consultation with students)​
  • Follow the assessment brief template and guidance within the Module Guide template
  • Typically two summative assessments per module (spread across the module). Authentic assessments should be the norm. ​
  • All assessments must match the element in the PQH​
  • Formative learning will take place in all modules, including the scaffolding of skills to complete the assessment mode ​
  • Each assessment has a draft submission at least two weeks before the summative deadline. Timetabled session given over to draft tutorials to give feedback on 25% or 500 words, whichever is greater, and discuss students’ plans for the rest of the assessment to meet the Learning Outcomes. No indication of grade should be given.​
  • No more than one summative submission a week to avoid bunching. 
  • All submissions deadlines, midday on Monday to Thursday during UCSD terms dates (no summative deadlines on Fridays or during the holidays)​
  • An early summative assessment in semester 1 to give students early feedback​
  • All Module Guides and Assessment Briefs must be IQA moderated and the moderation made available to EEs on Moodle by 9 September 2022, prior to the commencement of the academic year​
  • Typically all assessments have a Turnitin submission (e.g. even if just the reference list) to ensure feedback is centrally stored and returned to students​
  • All assessments need to marked, moderated and returned to students within 20 working days
  • Consistency of assessment approach within a programme team​

Practice that has changed…​

hese slides have details of the practice that has changed (and the justification for it). A summary of changes is below with links to related document which are held in the HE Hub on SharePoint for staff access:​​

  • New principles based Assessment Policy going live for 2022/23.​
  • New Module Guide (including Assessment Brief) templates for 2022/23.​
  • Examples of assessment modes are available on the USCD website for staff and students.​
  • Guidance of what different command verbs mean and how they relate to LOs are on the website.   ​
  • New Generic Marking Criteria for Level 4Level 5 and Level 6 to be used to within your Assessment Marking Criteria.​
  • Avoid tests at L4 in case students have not got disability support in place and any reasonable adjustments need to be pre-empted and discussed with the student by the Tutor, any assessment changes need to be documented.​
  • Consistent approach across the programme team for test, open-book, practical, presentation etc. practice and how draft feedback is given. ​
  • Draft feedback minimum expectations must be adhered to and consistent.​
  • If a student goes over the word count/time limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking. This is a change from the percentage grade penalties for infringing the word count.​
  • Support for new staff on assessment practice.​

New Assessment Policy 2022/23 principles ​

  1. Formative, draft and summative assessment​
  2. Assessments mapped to Learning Outcomes​
  3. Clear purpose, and be valid, reliable and fair​
  4. Credit allocated to achieving LOs​
  5. Assessment programme will be proportionate and reviewed periodically​
  6. Assessment data analysed to help eliminate attainment gaps​
  7. Clear regulations, policy and best practice communicated to students​
  8. Assessment policy and practice informed by relevant education theory​
  9. Policy and practice sensitive to students’ best interests​
  10. Assessments aim to be cumulative, integrated and authentic​
  11. Process and IT integrated to support learner-centred approaches​
  12. Assessment and teaching aligned for deep and mastery learning​
  13. Inclusive assessment used to minimise need for additional considerations​
  14. Disability Needs Assessment recommend reasonable adjustments will be considered​
  15. All assessors given appropriate instruction ​
  16. Assessment process reviewed by External Examiners​
  17. Policies will permit innovation facilitating improvement and sustainability​