South Devon Graduate

Every step of your Applicant to Alumni journey with UCSD from pre-enrolment to settling into your career, we will support you to become a South Devon Graduate.

Your qualification is about a specific subject, but alongside this UCSD will support you to become a South Devon Graduate. Our graduates have higher-level academic knowledge and skills, positive personal attributes for your future, and are work-ready. These will help you to secure a strong grade in your qualification with professional knowledge, skills and behaviours employers are seeking.  

Higher-level academic skills 

Alongside excellent programme design, and outstanding teaching, learning and assessment on your course, tutors will help you to identify and address any gaps in your academic knowledge, skills and behaviours. This starts before your course begins with preparation activities online and in-person to help you develop foundational academic skills, the tutorial curriculum then scaffolds new and developing knowledge and skills with your peers throughout your course, and you can access one-to-one support from the UCSD Student Support Hub.  


Positive personal attributes for your future 

South Devon Graduates have positive personal attributes, qualities, and characteristics that mean they are confident, resilient, and act with integrity. We nurture these attributes through our Ready, Respect, and Safe agenda. Students are ready to learn with academic, disability, and wellbeing groups and one-to-one support. UCSD and our students are encouraged to respect themselves, others, and the environment through initiatives related to equality and diversity, sustainability, academic integrity, and behaviour and conduct. Students and staff keep themselves and each other safe through pastoral support, knowledge of safeguarding and Prevent, online safety activities, and opportunities to report misconduct and bullying.


Your teaching team have designed a course to give you the knowledge and skills for a career in your chosen field. Beyond this, you will become work-ready through work-based learning, placement activities and assessments that reflect the real world of work, a tutorial curriculum that inspires you to reflect on your growing employability and record them in your Personal Development Plan (PDP), and enrichment activities arranged by your programme team or the wider University Centre, such as Research Showcase.  

Throughout your studies at UCSD, you will be working toward these academic, personal and work-ready knowledge, skills and behaviours making you a South Devon Graduate.