Step Up to HE

In your first year at university, you will build the foundations of knowledge and academic practice that will support you through more advanced study in your second and/or third year if you choose to top-up.

You will expand on and refine the skills that you developed during your previous studies and vocational experience and be introduced to new topics. You can also start to think about where your specific interests lie as you progress through your degree. 

The marks for your first-year assessments, along with feedback from your lecturers, are a guide to your progress and understanding and give you an idea of areas you may need to develop further.

Step Up to HE tutorials

Below are a series of tutorials introducing new concepts and providing practical advice to help you make the transition to university level study.

Starting in Higher Education

Independent Learning

Skills for Higher Education

Computer Skills for Higher Education

Preparing for study

We recommend making yourself familiar with the following study guides before you start with us in September. Each guide addresses a different study skill which will support you with effective and successful study.

We also recommend spending some time working through these short interactive resources:

Additional study support

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, our Support and Wellbeing Team can help you access additional study support to allow you to reach your full potential at UCSD. For more information or to arrange a friendly chat about the kind of support available, email [email protected] or phone 01803 540547.