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University Centre South Devon organise 4th Annual William of Orange History walk

The FdA History with English team at University Centre South Devon recently completed the fourth annual William of Orange History Walk. Staff and students came together to complete this walk that celebrates such significant and local history.

The walk started at Brixham Harbour where you can find the site of the William of Orange statue. It continued through Churston, Galmpton, past the College on Long Road, all the way to finish at Berry Pomeroy Castle. The walk follows in the footsteps taken by William of Orange himself when he landed in Brixham in 1688 in order to face the tyrannical King James II: James fled for the continent, bringing about what historians have dubbed the ‘Glorious Revolution’.

Programme coordinator Jon Baldwin said “I’m delighted that we have completed our fourth annual walk. We walked the first leg of William of Orange’s historic journey to London and this year it grew to 25 intrepid walkers of staff and students from University Centre South Devon. The day was great with lots of fun, discussion, and as you can imagine, a lot of walking too! This event from 1688 happened right on our doorstep, with William having proceeded down Long Road itself. This is local history at its best!”

It’s great to see learning taking place in a variety of ways and this kind of experience makes understanding the events of history a lot easier to relate to. Well done to everyone involved and we hope your feet aren’t too sore!

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